Siirry sisältöön

Hey you on the other side of the screen! It’s nice you have come here to get acquainted with me and Luna! I’m Liis Hertta Viks – the founder of Language Studio Luna.
Spunky. Ambitious. Cheerful. Good listener. Easy to approach. Sensitive. Courageous. Creative.

I do my dream job – I am a qualified teacher of Finnish and Estonian. During my Bachelor’s studies I studied Finnish as my major and Estonian as my minor subject. During my Master’s studies I only focused on Finnish. I have graduated from the University of Turku and I am Master of Arts in the Finnish language.

Finnish is my absolute favourite of all of the languages. I really like being able to share my knowledge about the Finnish language and culture with others who are interested in it. I want my students to get the most out of my lessons. Meetings with me are easy-going and you can always be yourself!

Luna was born out of personal experiences and feelings. I have work experience from many different fields including trade, tutoring at a children’s playground and, of course, teaching. Language teaching has always felt the right one for me. I have always been a “language police officer” and I love foreign languages as well as linguistics in general. There is so much passion towards the languages that I wanted to start my own business.

I am constantly updating my knowledge of multiculturalism, pedagogy, business administration and working life studies to make the most of my services for you.

P.S. Luna means the Moon. I have always liked the enchantment brought by the Moon and its magical atmosphere. There is something mystical and inexplicable about it. I get tremendous strength from the enchantment brought by the Moon and my creativity is at its best during the full moon.

I live in Turku, Finland. In addition to loving and teaching languages, I’m a passionate salsa dancer. Well, to be exact, I dance different Latin dances but salsa is my favourite.

I also love the nature (this picture is taken in Kilpisjärvi, Lapland). Most of my pictures in social media and advertisements are related to nature. Now you know why. Nature plays an important role in my everyday life!

I have two cats called Lady and Diiva.

At the moment I’m learning Spanish after which I’ll be focusing more on improving my Russian skills.

I’m a multilinguist and artist! And most likely one of the most persevering person you have ever met. 🙂